Safe Harbor

There were layoffs today at SOE. I was not among them, but it was a shitty day anyway. It’s something that happens way too often in our industry. My personal scars are still fresh, and the events of today have made old wounds ache once more.

Some of the layoffs hit very close to home–many folks had been fixtures at SOE a long time, and were doing great work. I don’t know the logic behind who was let go and who wasn’t–that’s the kind of thing companies don’t go into detail on. It is what it is.

While I’m very glad to still have a job, I can’t help but feel a bit of survivor’s guilt. Why them and not me? I try not to dwell on it, because doing so accomplishes nothing. Better to spend that mental energy trying to help those folks make connections and find a safe place to land. Assuming there’s any safe place, I mean.

I remain in the games industry, even through the heartbreak of days like today, because it’s immensely fulfilling on a creative level and I feel that my best work on MMOs is still ahead of me. Yet events like this make me wish my destiny was more in my own hands and less at the mercy of others.

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

One thought on “Safe Harbor”

  1. I feel your pain. I have in the layoff seat. I have been the one that had to walk out a laid off coworker. I avoid it twice so far at the current job I love. There usually no rhyme or reason for selection it seems to me. Just so odd organic algorithm.

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