Back, Hacked, Do It Again

The Cataclysm trailer and news of the 4.0 patch lured me into resubscribing to WoW a couple days ago. After two lunch hours re-familiarizing myself with the game, I was actually enjoying myself and digging the interface improvements.

This morning, I received an email saying my account password had been changed. After resetting the password and logging in, my characters were naked. A petition to a GM followed, and this evening I got mail that my items had been restored–though my account was now locked.

I’ve added the iPhone authenticator to my account, and I probably have to wait until next week for my account to be unfrozen. So it goes.

Without the ability to log into WoW tonight as planned, I had time to ponder the lousy life of the account hacker. I tried to picture the poor sap who logged into my characters, only to find them wearing crap gear with very little gold to their names. I mean, I only have one level 80, and he’s got mediocre instance gear–maybe a piece or two of heroic anything. My next highest is a level 70 with raid gear from Burning Crusade. How demoralizing it must be working in a basement somewhere, having to strip characters like this of their pitiful equipment.

There is room in my heart for sympathy. So long as I get my account back soon, that is.

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