Back, Hacked, Do It Again

The Cataclysm trailer and news of the 4.0 patch lured me into resubscribing to WoW a couple days ago. After two lunch hours re-familiarizing myself with the game, I was actually enjoying myself and digging the interface improvements.

This morning, I received an email saying my account password had been changed. After resetting the password and logging in, my characters were naked. A petition to a GM followed, and this evening I got mail that my items had been restored–though my account was now locked.

I’ve added the iPhone authenticator to my account, and I probably have to wait until next week for my account to be unfrozen. So it goes.

Without the ability to log into WoW tonight as planned, I had time to ponder the lousy life of the account hacker. I tried to picture the poor sap who logged into my characters, only to find them wearing crap gear with very little gold to their names. I mean, I only have one level 80, and he’s got mediocre instance gear–maybe a piece or two of heroic anything. My next highest is a level 70 with raid gear from Burning Crusade. How demoralizing it must be working in a basement somewhere, having to strip characters like this of their pitiful equipment.

There is room in my heart for sympathy. So long as I get my account back soon, that is.

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

3 thoughts on “Back, Hacked, Do It Again”

  1. That is wishful thinking. Almost all account hackers are scripts to hack accounts and bots that do all the selling and gold movement, plus use the highest level characters to spam ads for gold selling sites. Even if they get nothing off your account, the spam alone is cheaper and reaches more players than website ad space.

  2. I really like the authenticator… and hope more mmo’s will be using them . Hint Hint…. :)

    I came back a few weeks ago ( waiting for ToR and I came back to all my chars not only naked but deleted….. I got it restored put on a autnenticator and started fresh on a new server…. but thinking about starting over again come dec 7th but not sure with my g/f moving in sometime after xmass with her Daughter and I know my playtime will go way down.

  3. If it wasn’t brute forced; for a manual scanner (with a purchasable real-time monitoring feature that really, really kicks ass), and Microsoft Security Essentials. $0 for $1,000,000 worth of peace-of-mind.

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