Speaking at VR 2010 Conference

On Tuesday, March 23, I’ll be speaking at the IEEE Virtual Reality 2010 Conference, taking place in nearby Waltham, MA. The panel is titled “Design for Experience?!” and if you look at the list of speakers, I am clearly the dumbest guy in the room. I can only assume they had some quota of locals that needed to be filled.

My contribution has the uncharacteristically academic title “Memorable Experiences in Virtual Worlds.” Don’t worry–I’m not going all Raphtastic on ya. I’m building upon the basic premise of my talk with Owlchick last year at GDC Austin, where we asserted that the player’s stories are more compelling than those made by game designers.

Why does this fit a virtual reality conference? The panel is all about designing user experiences, and I submit that currently the most accessible form of virtual reality is found in massively multiplayer online games. Now I just have to convince the audience of that fact.

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