I Was Not, in Fact, Mugged in London

Yesterday one of my web email accounts was compromised and someone sent a mass email to my contact list saying that I had been mugged in London and was deprived of all my cash and credit cards, and that if someone couldn’t wire me cash I would be thrown out of my hotel and forced to sleep on the street.

I learned of this scam because Curt called me in the morning and asked “Are you at the hotel now?” To which I replied, “Huh?” And after a good laugh and a chat with our IT gurus (shout outs to Brandon, Jeff, and Dave), we discovered the source of the problem and I had the account frozen.

So, if you got an email from me yesterday asking for money, you can ignore it. If I ever do find myself in such a predicament, you can rest assured that the plea for help will have much better grammar than the fake did. Even in the most dire of need, one should make time for proper spelling and punctuation.

I must say it was heartwarming to see how many people contacted me to make sure I was okay. I even got calls from some fansite folks I got to know in the EQ2 days, which was really cool. Some days I think I will end up despised and alone like old Mr. Scrooge, but it’s nice to know that I haven’t reached that point yet.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and avoided getting mugged overseas!

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

2 thoughts on “I Was Not, in Fact, Mugged in London”

  1. Wow, that same thing happened to me this summer, right while I was in the middle of moving to Baltimore (the spam about being destitute in London, not the whole needing money while stranded thing).

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