I Have Been to the Summit, and It Was Good

The inaugural GameX Industry Summit last weekend was a great time. Naturally there were a few hiccups–being the first time the show was held–but the content of the event was terrific.

A few of my favorite bits were the Saturday afternoon keynote by Chris Foster of Harmonix, a post mortem on cinematics work by Coray Seifert of Kaos Studios, and a talk on the motivations behind acquiring virtual goods by Bernard Yee of CaféMom.com.

Needless to say, the best talk was the panel I was on, moderated by Alexander Macris of  Themis Group and featuring Damon Alberts of  Burst Online Entertainment and Lee Hammock of Fallen Earth. In all seriousness, our varied backgrounds made for a very diverse panel. The similarities in our answers were as interesting as the different perspectives each of us brought to the table. Alexander did a great job moderating and taking input from the audience. The crowd was really engaged and asking some great questions.

I enjoy shows that include a mix of industry and fans, and this summit had a nice balance. I got to meet some cool industry types but also got to hang out with some students and others who’d like to get into the industry. Hopefully I had some worthwhile advice for a few of them.

I was also surprised by how much activity there was on the expo floor. There were some honest-to-goodness game show booths there for titles like Dante’s Inferno, as well as online celebrities such as several members of the Guild. There were a lot of people who came just to hang out and play games, which is always neat to see.

The facility and surrounding area were a bit on the dismal side (no places that sold a real cheesesteak close by), so hopefully if the show is a success they can move to a better spot next year. But even as if it stays in the same location, I recommend the event highly. With PAX East debuting next year, the east coast is gaining ground as a major center of gaming.

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

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