Philadelphia Freedom

Friday I head down to Philadelphia to attend the GameX Industry Summit. I’ll be on a panel Saturday at 4pm titled “Beyond Raids and Ganks: Exploring Next-Gen MMOs in a non WoW-Killer Context.”

What will I be talking about? How to build a WoW killer, of course!

Okay, not really. Here is the panel description:

The MMO is here to stay! Having said that, there is an industry push to introduce new paradigms that take the genre beyond the status quo. In what ways can we create MMOs that innovate within the genre, create new player experiences, and develop deeper, more impacting stories, narrations, and character development? This panel brings together developers working on three new MMOs that are pushing boundaries and innovating beyond established concepts. The panelists will discuss the strengths of the MMO format and then break into how they view the MMO developing, through player experiences, new “success” metrics, hybridization of genres, targeted gameplay approaches and developments in story and character.

Dang. Hopefully they invited me along to lighten things up with my razor-sharp wit.

Anyway, it should be a fun time and I look forward to meeting my fellow panelists. I won’t know many folks there, so if you happen to be attending please flag me down and say hello. I’m usually in a much better mood than I appear, so don’t be afraid!

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