YouTube Hot Dev Panel Explosion Darkfall!

The post on my site that gets the most spam is titled “Minnesota MMO Blog Explosion!” so I figured I’d make another post with a spammer-friendly title and give the bots a new target.

Anyway, I spent part of my weekend on a panel at the inaugural GameUnicon here in Massachusetts. I was joined by my cohort Shwayder and Justin Webb from Tencent Boston. We had an excellent discussion with the seven people in the audience (only one of which was a spouse!).

As proof of our awesomeness at the event, here is a video that Justin and Angela put together.

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

5 thoughts on “YouTube Hot Dev Panel Explosion Darkfall!”

  1. Was the attendance really that low or is that just a joke? I’ve been missing out on the shows this year. The only one I’ll be attending is Dragon*Con. I am hoping there is a decent MMO turn out there.

  2. No way, Naladoesntknowfootball! More like 16-0!

    The games convention had strong attendance, it’s just that the kids were there to play games, not to attend panels.

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