Music for Dumb People

Dymus passed me this great chart linking music tastes to SAT scores.

I’m not sure whether listening to certain bands affects your scores or whether people of a certain score range share similar music tastes, but I don’t think this project is all that scientific anyway. Regardless, it’s a pretty sure bet you can use something on this chart to point out to a buddy how dumb he is.

Biggest shocker: I was certain Kelly Clarkson would have higher appeal among Rhodes Scholars.

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7 thoughts on “Music for Dumb People”

  1. Heh. I blew off the SAT’s becuz the colleges I wanted to go to all used the ACT instead. Still got a 1400. As I recall it, at the time I listened to the typical “Top 40’s” groups of the day (this was 1991). But then again, I also enjoyed Metallica, Aerosmith, The Scorpions, Ozzie, and quite a lot of the classic rock from the 70’s also. The Stones, Jethro Tull etc. And i also had a lot of symphonic movie score albums too. Lotta John Williams and Hans Zimmer, some Goldsmith, even a couple of Vangelis. Go figure.

    As far as actual classical/baroque goes: Love Bach. Hate Mozart. Dont care either way about Beethoven. Rachmaninoff’s got some okay stuff. Tchaikovsky’s generally all right too.

    And if you haven’t been to an Andre Rieu concert you haven’t lived! Okay, so he’s mostly playing Strauss — he still makes it fun!

    Dangit! I can’t find myself on that chart!

  2. Music is emotional. People should listen to the music that sounds good to them. There’s no wrong answer.

    All the social cool/not-cool nonsense attached to music merely leads people to deny themselves the pleasure of listening to what they like. It’s sad.

  3. Hey now! I like Kelly Clarkson. I’m surprised the list doesn’t go lower than 800 for SAT scores.

    I have a wide array of tastes and could find a bind I like between 956 (Jazz is that low?) and 1250-ish (Counting Crows). I like Beethoven, but definitely not something I listen to on a daily basis. But, having said that, Weezer is my favorite band and is very close to my actual score for SATs.

    I didn’t see anything there for Manilow…

  4. Maybe I’m wrong, but to me that chart says that there’s almost no correlation between SAT score and your choice musical Genre. There’s also a lot of vagueness to it. “Rock” is mentioned as a genre and scores quite low. Lower than the rock bands.
    The same applies to nearly every other genre and its representative artists. The only correlation I’d dare to make based on this chart is that artists who cross genre boundaries tend to be liked slightly more by people with higher SAT scores.

  5. I got a 790 on my SATs back in the day and I love John Coltrane.

    One of my friends who is an astrophysicist loves Pearl Jam.

    This is a very silly study.

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