A Random Observation on Game Artists

On one side of a room, imagine a realistic drawing of a mushroom. On the other side of the room, imagine a realistic drawing of a human penis. Now imagine a line connecting them which is made up of similar drawings, each becoming gradually more stylized.  Somewhere along that line, the mushroom will become indistinguishable from the penis.

I’m convinced that there are some game artists for whom the ultimate quest is finding that point. I can’t explain why. But somebody needs to come up with a name for this phenomenon.

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Steve Danuser, also known as Moorgard, is a a writer, editor, and game designer.

13 thoughts on “A Random Observation on Game Artists”

  1. I always thought the shroom fascination in games was drug related, but now I understand the truth.
    Like with everything, it’s sex…

  2. Mycophallomorphic transformation.

    Plenty of art has layouts or structure that seem to have sexualised overtures to them, if you look past the immediate image, perhaps the subconcious expresses things through form sometimes, though this is usually a lot less overt than what you describe, which appears to be deliberately humourous to illustrate some artistic point, or maybe to just get a laugh.

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