Nerd Immersion Complete

I’m back from NYCC and had a great time. The panel on 38 Studios went well, even though there have been a few complaints about us not talking about the game–this despite the very first slide and the panel intro making extremely clear that we would not be talking about the game. Most people attending understood what we were trying to accomplish, and our discussion of studio process and answers to the fan questions actually hinted at quite a lot of what we’re doing, if you knew what to listen for.

NYCC is great. It is smaller than the San Diego version, but in a good way. The crowds are still huge but you can actually make your way down the aisles reasonably well and interesting things can stand out rather than get lost in the crowd. I would recommend the show to everyone, but then NYCC will keep growing in size and soon it will be just as unruly as SDCC.

I didn’t see as many costume tragedies as last year. Sure, there were a few Slave Leias that shouldn’t have left the house, but on the whole there were few attrocities. The best costume was one I saw on Sunday: a young woman bravely dressed as Poison Ivy wearing only some carefully placed leaf appliques and a flesh-colored thong. I don’t think she had an ounce of fat on her body, and needless to say she drew quite a crowd.

Not that I was leering, mind you.

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