3 thoughts on “I Don’t See the Big Deal”

  1. Hear hear. I also like the implication that Bale swears a lot because he’s Engli— oh wait, no, never mind. That’s pretty f-ing accurate actually. Total non-news.

    *Everyone* swears, and the generation that never did (or at least never in front of women, children and the hired help) is passing away. I’m much more careful around people I don’t know, but that’s basic courtesy, not self-righteous rose-mouthedness.

    Now look what you did. I’m going to be cranky and swearing at people all day. I’m GTFO.

  2. Shwayder probably talks back the same way since he’s up til 1am or so every night playing NHL ’09! I’d be [bleep]ing cranky as [bleep] every [bleep]ing morning too!

    That was a classic f-bomb rant though, I hear Bale has quite the temper.

  3. I persionally prefure my method of dateing my boss, she hasnt yelled at me about anythng at all sense weve been dateing. .. but then again she only yelled at me once in the first year weve worked together before then though LOL.

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